Kasoa Magic: Phone Swapping went wrong


Kasoa is not a place to go and be dull as you will receive the shock of your life if you don’t take your time.

If you are doing something with a typical Kasoa native, you must be extra vigilant or else, you will go home with tears in your eyes.

This is sad video trending online of a Kasoa street phone swapper receiving money and a phone from a young man who brought his old phone to the market to add some money to it and take new one hime but it ended in tears for him.

The sad part of the whole thing is that, the people recording the video were sitting down unconcerned instead of helping the young man out and calling for the arrest of the street phone swapper.

He quickly took the money and the phone the young man brought to the market and gave him a different thing.

Watch the sad video below;

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