Kate Henshaw Blast Nigeria Law enforcers for Shielding Rapists


With the current brouhaha ongoing on about how a Yoruba actor Baba Ijesha for raping a seven year old girl 7 years ago.

With how the issue came up, Comedian Princess stated that 7 years ago when she had issues with marriage some neighbors allowed their children to come live with her.

Baba Ijesha who was a friend at the time used to come to visit her. However he took advantage of that to rape one of her “daughter” who was 7 years at the time.

It is taking 7 years for the child to open up about what happened 7 years ago.

Baba Ijesha has been arrested for investigation but there are equally Petition going round for his release since the case according to others lacks merit.

Reacting to this development, Nollywood actress Kate Henshaw has said she is beyond shock with how things are going.

She expressed her disappointment with state institutions but doing enough to protect girls or people against rape and abuse.

The award winning actress said, Crime has no expiry date as such even if it was a decade ago, once the child is still a minor and is opening up, Baba Ijesha Must be prosecuted.

Watch how she reacted to the issue.

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