Keep Quiet And Let Me Reply Your IGP; Captain Smart Sends Strong Words To IGP


Captain Smart always shows concerns from his work as a Journalist and he is not those people who fear to speak the truth all because they fear supervisors or authorities.

One principle of Captain Smart is to speak the truth and the truth will set him free. He is very brave in his words and his choice of works is very fantastic.

The case of the Bullion Van Robbery is still trending in Ghana and Captain Smart has finally drops his comments about the whole case as she dares Police officer Sheila Abayie to keep quite so that he [Captain Smart] can Reply her Boss[Ghana Police IGP].

On Onua TV, it was shown when Officer Sheila ABAYIE was addressing Ghanaians on the Bullion Van Robbery case. Sheila indicated the police service is making all means possible to protect the life’s of Police officers who will be sent to as a guard to Bullion Vans.

She Further indicated, by the end of June 2021, there shall be safety measures on how Police officers will safe from robbery attack by Providing them with the standard Bullion Vans which will be very difficult to be attacked by Robbers.

With these words from Sheila, Captain Smart ordered the video to be stop as he said ” Keep quite Shiela Abayie. This is not your fault. But the one who send you; Your IGP. They are trowing dust in our eyes and we need to speak with braveness.

This is not the first time Bullion Van Robbery occured in Ghana. It has occurred about 5 consecutive times and no safety measures is take into account. You always wait for then to kill police officers on Duty before you say nice stories to us.

If you have any safety measures, try it now and don’t wait until the end of June and early July before your order for standard Bullion Vans to safe guard the life’s of Police. This is my reply to the IGP.

Let him act fast and save life’s of Police officers” – Captain Smart boldly drop words for Police IGP on Onua TV.

The link below will take you to the video of Captain Smart saying Sheila ABAYIE should keep quite so that he will reply Police IGP as he might send Sheila ABAYIE.

You can watch the video below

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