Kodak Black gropes his mother and tries to kiss her on the mouth in uncomfortable video


Yesterday, Rapper, Kodak Black became a popular subject on the internet when video footage of him making unsettling gestures towards his mother while the two danced together went viral.

Yak and his mother, Marcelene Simmons, are shown dancing to Rutshelle Guillaumes’ “M Pa La Ank” during a birthday party in a video that went viral on social media on Sunday (Oct. 10).

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According to reports, the party was for the rapper’s brother.

Kodak first appears twirling his mother around while performing a slow dance with a two-step.

He then grabs his mother’s b*tt and tries to kiss her on the lips or near her mouth. Kodak tries to kiss her again after the mother and son laugh together.


Mama Kodak walks away near the conclusion of the video, and her son tries to grasp for her butt again.

The film sparked an outpouring of reactions on social media, with the general view being that the South Florida rhymer’s actions are perplexing.

One person tweeted, “Kodak Black had a vice grip on his moms ass and his niggas in the video was hyping him up and laughing. He not the only sicko that need to be put in Arkham Asylum and shot to the moon.”

Another wrote, “No way I didn’t just see kodak black grabbing his mum cheeks???. Like what the Florida behavior is going on here wtf ???”

Source: cbgist.com

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