Kwadwo Sheldon clash with Malik Ofori for saying Shatta Wale is the most Sensible Celebrity in Ghana


Beef! Beef!! Beef !! Is the number one word on the lips of social media users and we could be inn for some dramatic one between Malik Ofori and Kwadwo Sheldon.

Malik Ofori earlier stood by Shatta Wale’s comments against the ongoing Fix the Country protesters whom he lash out with some harsh words.

While everyone is quick to criticize The Dancehall musician, Malik instead describe him as the most sensible celebrity available in the country.

“Shatta Wale is the most sensible celebrity in Ghana! Listen to knowledge and stop fooling online as he said” Malik wrote

Malik Ofori’s perception about the dancehall isn’t one that is good enough to his fellow YouTuber Kwadwo Sheldon who has on countless occasions labeled Shatta as someone who doesn’t make any sense with his words.

Sheldon in a reply to Malik’s comment claim his thoughts about Shatta Wale highlights why he has less Number of followers on his YouTube channel.

“That’s why you have 3 subscribers to your YouTube channel”. Sheldon told Malik

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