Kwame A Plus “Breaks” The Internet With A Hilarious Comment Under A Post BBC Made


A comment made by Kwame A Plus under a post shared by BBC news is currently viral having massaging reactions.

The post which basically was a report about how a 50 year old British woman has lost over 100,000 pounds in a romance scam have many people reacting as the woman has been declared bankruptcy.

In a rather a twist of a reply, Kwame A Plus who is known in the Ghanaian circle to be controversial with his political commentary said in a rather a hilarious comment “My village is also bankrupt because some people took all our gold, timber, etc amounting to trillions of dollars and enslaved my forefathers for years!! Any help BBC?“

This is in reaction to claims always made by people in Africa about how Africa is struggling now partially because countries like Britain and others who colonized the content took away so much from the continent.

Kwame A Plus “Breaks” The Internet with a Hilarious Comment Under a Post BBC Made.
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