Kwame Aboagye, new gay wife of Mr. Smith; Identity of Ghanaian gay who married a German revealed


Here they are are finally. They are the new gay couple in town and greatest of Ghanaians have been talking about them for some time now. Ghanaians are discussing because one of their own, a prominent son of the soil whose name has been given as Kwame Aboagye is implicated.

With the conventional settings of Ghana, anyone born and brought up here is familiar that acknowledging to be a gay renders one automatically an outcast because a prevalence of the population disagrees with the exercise. This makes it bizarre for any Ghanaians to ever accept to live the rest of his life in a gay matrimonial home knowing the belief of most people in his background.

However, this is the story of Kwame Aboagye, in one of his videos that has since gone viral, he could be understood speaking the Akan Language with pride, he obviously wanted Ghanaians to know that he has done the unthinkable.

His appearance, speech, and body language reveals an image that shows he has been in the gay family for many years now. Now, the marriage between him and his German husband whose name has been given as Mr. Schmidt is official.

The lovers are moving into their matrimonial home and live as a husband and wife, Kwame Aboagye, who is now known as Mrs. Schmidt will perform all the duties of a woman in the house whilst Mr. Schmidt affirms the husband of the house. This is interesting scene to be hold, but it the reality now, Kwame Aboagye (Mrs. Schmidt) will have to deal with this for the many years he will be in the marriage.

It is unknown how the Mr. Schmidt approached the family of Kwame Aboagye and asked for his hands in marriage but most families in Ghana will reject such a proposal and I hope the same would have happened to the family of Kwame Aboagye in Ghana. By now, they are wondering how their son got himself into such a marriage.

Realistically, the spouse and wife are supposed to visit the extended families of each other for recognition traditionally, but for the case of Kwame Aboagye, it will be difficult for him to bring his husband home, not to even think of introducing him to the extended family in his hometown somewhere in Ghana. In Germany where his husband hails from, gay marriage is allowed but the same cannot be said about Ghana.

So even though Mr. and Mrs. Schmidt are happily married, the present circumstance in Ghana makes matters worse for Mrs. Schmidt because he might not be able to bring his husband home. It is difficult for him because majority of Ghanaians are not happy with his move.

Till Ghana officially accepts gay marriage, lets allow Kwame Aboagye now Mrs. Schmidt to enjoy his marriage in Germany. Congratulations to him and his new husband. 

You can watch the video below

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