Kwesi Pratt question the integrity of Police service for blocking Fix the Country demo only to permit NDC


Ghanaian Journalist, Kwesi Pratt has joined many Ghanaians to express their displeasure over the permission granted to the NDC to demonstrate when the youths were denied a chance earlier.

The largest opposition party, NDC has taken to the streets of Accra today to demonstrate against the recent violent behaviors of some Millitary personnels and used the opportunity to demand justice for all lost lives who couldn’t survive the gun shots of angry security personnels.

Before this their protest, there have already been plans to demonstrate by the ordinary citizens who are not affiliated to any political party .

Unfortunately, the Ghana Police service and other authorities who need to give their yes to the protest threw their demo plans into the waste-bin citing the deadly Covid-19 as a reason it won’t be a good move to gather masses on the streets.

The main question on everyone’s lips is on what bases are the NDC permitted to demonstrate while the Non Party faithfuls cannot be granted same and also has also been asking himself same questions and made it known in an interview on Peace FM’s Kokrokoo show.

Fix the Country campaigners had planned their protest a long time before the NDC demonstration but were restrained by the Police under the orders of the court so Why should some people be allowed to demonstrate and others not allowed?

The ”Fix the Country” campaigners have been long wanting to embark on a protest. Even today as we talk, they are in court but other people have been given the opportunity. Is the COVID afraid of the NDC and not the Fix the Country campaigners or what?,” he questioned.

Kwesi Pratt then laments bitterly about the inconsistent level things are done in the country before going on to advise the respective authorities to allow citizens express their anxieties.

“The inconsistencies are becoming too much,” citizens should have the right to demonstrate and so on. It’s an expression of people’s anxiety, people’s discomfort and so on. It must take place”.

“I can’t really say I’m happy that the NDC have been given the opportunity to demonstrate because the Fix the Country campaigners have not been allowed up till now”. He added

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