“Ladies and Insecurity” – Lady angry because her boyfriend helped another lady picked her fallen hand bag


A young lady has shown her anger towards her boyfriend after he tried to be a good samaritan to another lady while taking a walk with his girlfriend.

It is speculated that ladies feel more insecure compared to guys as they will do everything possible to stop their partner from getting close to any other lady.


That has been proven in a video that is fast going viral on TikTok when a guy and his girlfriend were taking a walk across the road.

In the video, the guy and his girlfriend looked good together in joy until a lady who was also passing by looked like she intentionally dropped her bag on the floor to get the man’s attention.

The guy who was acting as a gentleman and a good samaritan, stopped to pick the other lady’s bag and handed it over to her in a nice gesture.

However, it was something his girlfriend wasn’t cool about and she expressed that by switching her mood and walked away from him.

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