Lady wows 7-year-old boy who wears nylon-tied sandals to school, gifts him shoes


A generous young woman whose name has been given as Osarugue Solomon from Nigeria has stunned a 7-year-old pupil who walked to school wearing nylon-tied sandals.

By her LinkedIn profile, Osarugue is an Educator or better still a teacher. Osarugue took it up one herself to surprise the little boy with a new Sandals after realizing he was coming to school with a scandal which was befitting.

She got him a pair of shoes as the 7-year-old Lagos pupil walked in nylon-tied sandals to school every day.

According to her, the young school kid revealed that he stays with his old grandmother who couldn’t afford nice sandals for, hence the reason he had to wear something a neighbour dumped in the bin.

Osarugue Solomon equally identified pupils who have the same footwear problems and replaced them with shoes.

She believes by doing so, the children would feel comfortable coming to school without having to thinking about their footwear.

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