Lamiez Proves She Has Khuli’s Back.


Top South African rapper, Khuli Chana has announced his decision to go back to school after almost a decade of quitting.

According to him, he has his beautiful wife, Lamiez Holworthy to thank for inspiring him on his decision.

He has enrolled at the AFDA, a film school dealing mainly with performance art, film and television and other entertainment sectors.

For so many reasons, it really makes sense since the rapper is already in the entertainment industry.

On the other hand too, after leaving for more than a decade, will not be an easy task for him and also the challenges of having to adapt and getting your head back in the game.

He announced his decision on twitter as he wrote:

“IM BACK TO SCHOOL!! after 10+ years! #Buyile is deeper than a song to me, I’m repositioning, re-writing history, recreating myself! It’s not easy but I’m determined TO WIN!! Thank you Wame, @LamiezHolworthy for the encouragement,” he wrote, thanking his fans in addition for supporting his new single Buyile, “Thank you to the fans #Buyile is blowing UP!!!”

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