Latest Post Of AKA Angers Social Media Users.


South African Superstar Rapper AKA is back in full force and is even active on social media after all the dramas he was associated with.

He took sometime from his socials and from the spotlight in general, however, Supa Mega is back but not everybody is happy about his return, especially after his latest post on Instagram.

Rapper AKA seems to be back to his normal self judging by his latest posts and the Megacy can’t be anymore happier.

It was this one particular post which left many perplexed and wondering what could it mean.

Kiernan Jarryd Forbes took to his Instagram stories and posted videos of himself looking all dapper, but it was the song choice that got netizens confused.

The first video was of him at what many assume his home and a song by Drake was playing.

The next video, he added Travis Scott’s song ‘Piss On Your Grave,’ and he was seen smoking.

Even though he does not see anything wrong with his song choice and have resorted to defending their King, others are disgusted by the song choice, saying it is too soon to be posting such or even listening to such music. 

There has been many rumours and assumptions made about the nature of AKA‘s relationship with his late girlfriend Nelli Tembe after her death.

He even went on TV to tell his side of the story and to also try to lay some of the rumours to rest.

Apart form being back on social media, Supa Mega is also in studio working on a new entire EP.

“Spoke with Kiernan last night, he made me listen to one of his new records. That ish is FIRE!! TRUUUUST ME!!!” Tweeted Rubu Thulisa.

Oscar Mbo, a top DJ commented saying he has also heard a taste of the new music.

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