Laydy screams ‘God Forbid’ and runaway after meeting disabled boyfriend she fell in love with on the Internet


A disabled Nigerian man sadly narrates how a lady he met online shouted God Forbid and runaway on their first date.

The Internet has popularly become one of the source of finding lovers and it’s not even a secret anymore. But there is always a consequence to every step that one will take in life including finding love online.

Most people pour out quality and good looking pictures on the Internet but meeting them in person when you will be left wonder if it is the same person you have always been dreaming to be with.

This is no different from what happened in Nigeria when a physically challenged man failed to explain his true condition to a lady he met online.

Everything went so fast, done and sealed and now the two decided to finally meet. Upon reaching their chosen location of the date the lady realized the man she is crazy for is physically challenged.

She screamed God Forbid and runaway leaving the gentleman embarrassed.

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