Let the World Know I Was Not Happy With My Past Life- Moesha reveals in followed up video


A continuation of the video in which Moesha looked unkept and depressed has surfaced online.

In the first set of the video, the actress was telling those around her how it’s not worth it living your life like she did.

She revealed many girls have met their untimely deaths because they got in tough with men with money whom they didn’t know were ritualist

She recount her encounter with the Holy Spirit and said many other chilling stuff in the thread uploaded below.

In continuation to the above video, Moesha said she cares not about the trolls she’s going to get now that she has given her life to Christ.

If it means she will go dirty to be under the feet of God, she would gladly do so.

She asked those around taking the video to make it go viral so people can see that it’s herself doing all that.

She stated she wasn’t happy with her old life about going after married men.

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