“Lexis please I respect you a lot but”- Shatta Wale hit back at journalist for his comments on his issue with the road constructor.


-Shatta Wale was in the news for attacking a road contractor

-After report that the Constructor has reported the matter to the police, Shatta Wale swiftly came to apologize

-Lexi Bills of Joy Fm questioned why it has to take Shatta Wale’s father to report at the Police when Shatta Wale was reported

Shatta Wale has expressed his displeasure over some comment Drive time host of Joy Fm; Lexis Bills Made when Shatta Wale had himself in the news over an attack on a road contractor.

Speaking on Accra based Joy Fm’s drive time the host Lexis Bills quizzed that why can’t Shatta produce himself, does he live with his father, I don’t understand … so you go shake small then they take you go police station then you run to your father, is that the case?

This news has gotten to Shatta Wale and he took to his Snapchat handle to react to Lexi Bills saying he has enough respect for the show host but he should get his facts right before passing comments.

Shatta Wale stated he was invited and not arrested and there was nothing wrong with his father showing up at the police station to guarantee that he will produce his son who is Shatta Wale.

He then asked Lexis to take it easy and get his facts right and not just jump onto any bandwagon.

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