‘Living in US is very hard compared to living in any part of Africa – Singer Dencia


Singer Dencia says Living in the USA is very hard compared to living in any part of Africa.

She took to Instagram and wrote;

Truth be told, living in LA, USA is actually very hard compared to living in any where in Africa. It’s about 10k plus homeless Americans on 1 Street, you can make $1m and your monthly bills are 1.2m. People who lie to you that it’s easy hmmm, maybe this People are advising you because they can’t afford to help you, Parents want kids to pay bills, you work and go to school, 90% of people live 6 paychecks ahead, it’s hard to be the 1% doing well but it’s not impossible but it’s important to know this things, atleast, don’t pull up like some of us did thinking it was easy, hell I left all my expensive bags thinking I’ll come to America and it will be raining LV, Dior, hermes…if you are an adult,  bring some housing dollars cuz even your own fam will make you pay for sh*t, you don’t want that your first 2+ years.

See the screenshot of her post below;

Are you still willing to go regardless?

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