‘Love is not an excuse for you to make yourself vulnerable and look miserable’- Actor Kenneth Okonkwo gives a powerful relationship advice


Popular Nigerian Actor Kenneth Okonkwo has taken to his Facebook page to give a powerful relationship advice to his followers.

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Kenneth Okonkwo

In his words;

“Once might be a mistake. But twice is a choice. And third is certainly a lifestyle.

There’s a difference between patience and wasting your time with someone. No matter how deeply you love someone, it gets to the point where you must sit down and ask yourself if they’re worth the stress, worth the pain, worth the time, worth the attention, worth the sleepless nights, worth the emotional and mental efforts you’re investing on them.

It gets to a point that you must move on not because you’ve stopped loving them, but because you need to grow and you deserve to experience peace. It gets to the point when you must decide what is best for you, ALONE!. Because no one is going to choose you over themselves. Why choose someone else over you? Stop making excuses for how badly someone treats you.

It’s gets to the point where you’re the problem not them, because by not choosing yourself, you accept the reality of your predicament. Everyone has power. The problem is, most people give their power to those they’re emotionally tied to in the name of love. This is the mistake that most people make.

Love is not an excuse for you to make yourself vulnerable and look miserable. Love is give and take, and there’s always someone out there who’ll treasure what you give and return it back to you with gladness in appreciation of how blessed they’re to have you in their life.

Your destiny isn’t tied to an idiot. Surely, that cannot be God’s plan for your life. People don’t really change, they only become who they really are, because pretense isn’t sustainable. Redeem yourself.”

Source: cbgist.com

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