‘Loyal to the end’, – Meet Abdoulaye who fought Doumbouyah and his advancing coup soldiers for nearly two hours before being gunned down, given a befitting burial


A soldier has many wonders within:
Steady, solid and strong.
Optimistic, outstanding and organized. Loyal, logical and level-headed. Diligent, decisive,  disciplined, Intelligent, idealistic and immovable.
Earnest, effective and efficient.
Rational, resourceful and resolute.

A resilient heart, solid soldier, the heart of a warrior soul of a dragon and definitely a ferocious predator if need be!!! He is a male and most definitely control and command all that is within his hunting terrain.

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He can’t be bullied it’s futile for you to even imagine and deadly for you to even dare try, He has sunk many ships and many ships have sunk him too but the one thing that works for us is that his eyes is always on the lighthouse so we always hull ourselves in no matter how badly we damaged!!! That’s a loyal soldier.

A young Military officer identified as Abdoulaye Baldé held the advancing coup soldiers for almost close to two hours, immediately he was gunned down, the defense collapse his colleagues surrendered, the young brave soldier died while trying to defend President Alpha Condé from military coup plotters, though he fought on the losing side, the coup plotters have Eulogized him as one of the great sons of Guinea who died in the line of duty.

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Soldiers have respect in other countries. What do you have here? Your own generals and their relatives live lavishly and leave you scrambling for scraps. Wouldn’t life be so much better with the respect of the people behind you? If you think by being loyal to corruption, one day you could become like them, you’re probably better off buying a lottery ticket. Wake up soldiers. Be a man. One with virtue and conscience. The people will not forget your bravery.

May Allah have mercy on him and grant him Jannah til Firdaws. He died in the line of duty as a patriot. Although his commander in chief had no respect for his own tribe.

Source: cbgist.com

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