“Mahama is not corrupt, I dared any NPP members to bring evidence against him and till today none came”- Kevin Taylor


The problem of corruption has certainly been the largest challenge to the growth of the country. The social canker has eaten deeply into the fabric of the nation. Research has shown that corruption is a key factor Ghanaians consider in deciding which political party rules the country. Successful governments have put various measures in place to minimize corruption, but it seems the country is not any close to winning the war against it.

The establishment of the office of the Special Prosecutor by President Nana Akuffo Addo is the latest initiative by the government to keep corruption under control. It is ironic that the two dominant political parties in the country accuse each other of corruption especially when they are in opposition, and promise to deal with government appointees who engage in the act when they win power. 

It is rather unfortunate that they do little about the prosecution of suspected corrupt former officials when they eventually win power. The ruling New Patriotic Party has accused John Dramani Mahama of being corrupt. For instance, he was accused of being implicated in an investigation conducted by the Serious Fraud Office that alleged that they were some underhand dealings in Ghana’s purchase of a military aircraft in 2010. In the investigations, though names were not mentioned, the NPP alleged that Mahama was Government official 1. 

But Kelvin Taylor who claims the main purpose for running his show is to see a better Ghana and not to disgrace anybody rubbished the corruption allegations made by the New Patriotic Party against John Dramani Mahama. The social activist who asserts that he will not hesitate to condemn John Dramani Mahama if he does anything untoward dares any member of the New Patriotic Party who has any evidence that proved John Dramani Mahama is corrupt forward.

“If you are in this government if you are a member of the NPP like myself and for the five years we have been in government, you have anything linking John Dramani Mahama directly to corruption, bring it, I will talk about it”, he said.

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