Makhadzi Gets Attacked On Stage.


Award winning South African musician, Makhadzi has been having a rather unpleasant few weeks.

Makhadzi was lamenting on how she was snubbed by the South African Music Awards (SAMA)’s last month.

In a few weeks later she found herself going viral after an old video resurfaced on social media where she is seen inappropriately touching and fondling one of her male audience.

After the video leaked, some tweeps have been calling for her to be cancelled.

Their biggest concern was the fact that it was not clear if the fan gave the musician consent to touch him in that manner, therefor labeling it sexual harassment.

However, her fans were not having any of that, as some were of the opinion that influencers were paid to tarnish the star’s name and image.

Well, another video is doing the rounds and it is an infuriating one. Even though no one knows when it was shot, it appears it may have been at the weekend.

The short clip shows the singer performing on stage when suddenly a bottle of beer comes flying her way – it appears to have hit her on her head.

Makhadzi is seen doing hand gestures, asking if someone just threw something at her. Shortly after, she says goodbye to her fans and leaves the stage in the middle whiles performing.

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