Mali versus Guinea: Colonel Doumbouya meets Colonel Goita: Who is the real man


Doumbouya has certain similarities with his Malian military colleague, the coup expert Colonel Assimi Goita. They are both colonels in the Army of their respective country’s. It is obvious that the Guinean has chosen the Malian as his role model in terms of dressing, ideology, aims and future plans for his country.

They both participated in a military exercise aimed at fighting terrorists within the sub region in 2017. This assembling of special forces was an American initiative and it was there that they became friends. Colonel Assimi Goita was the head of that exercise.

Upon seizing power, colonel Assimi Goita and his entourage visited the late former President of Ghana, his excellency John Jeremiah Rawlings. He hosted these revolutionaries from Mali because the young men currently hold the destiny of West Africa in their hands. The former President who himself was a coup maker, advised the coup leaders to create opportunities for the youth to enhance the country’s development.

Just like Goita, Colonel Doumbouya also quoted the words of Jerry John Rawlings, “if the political elite connive with the judges to suppress the will of the people, it is up to the army to give the people their freedom.” This clearly shows that both men admire the personality of the ex President.

The two West African countries; Mali and Guinea are currently suspended from ECOWAS and they are ruled by transition team. The destiny of Guinea and Mali in the hands of these gentlemen. May God help them.

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