Mamady Doumbouya gives orders for the country to print Kwame Nkrumah’s image on their currency – unconfirmed reports


The new head of state just sworn in as transitional President of Guinea, Mamadi Doumbouya just celebrated the country’s 63rd Independence Anniversary with citizens being joyful on the streets of Guinea.

Colonel Doumbouya seeks to give sanctuary to 2 cedis notes which is under controversy in Ghana.

According to a decree in the pipeline cited by sources within Guinea, which we cannot independently verify, Colonel Mamadi Doumbouya ordered the country’s Central Bank to print new notes with the mortals of Ghana’s first President.

Sources with the knowledge of information say the new decision of the military government is likely to sour diplomatic relations between Ghana and Guinea. The two cedis is currently in trouble in Ghana as the Central Bank has planned to stop its circulation citing cost.

According to the bank, the 1 cedis notes, in addition, will be replaced with convertible coins already in circulation.But critics say the Central Bank of Ghana‘s decision is political, having to do with the head of Nkrumah Kwame and not that of JB Danquah, a member of the big 6 and the grandfather of the current president.

According to them, phasing out the 1 cedis notes, in addition, is to denigrate the legacy of Nkrumah.

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