Mamady forces Military Generals believed to be Alpha Conde’s loyalists into retirement


Guinea’s temporary President, Colonel Mamady Doumbouya, has issued an order by decree ordering the immediate retirement of 42 military generals and admirals.

According to the statement, the enlisted officers “are required to exercise their right to retirement.”

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According to the authorities, this retirement order affected 42 generals and two admirals.

Colonel Mamady Doumbouya

Among the victims is General Sekouba Konate, who is reported to have previously served in a transitional administration. One of the retirees has also been named as Major General Mohamed Bangoura. Aside from the army, some top police officers were also included.

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Neither Doumbouya nor any member of the newly formed transitional council provided an explanation for the difficult decision; however, the names mentioned were believed to be loyalists to the country’s ousted president, Alpha Conde, and the strongman’s move is widely regarded as efforts to clean-up the country’s military.

Regardless of this stance, several critics saw the move as contradicting Colonel Doumbouya’s commitment to unite the bauxite-rich country.

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According to them, the action victimizes the cops involved.

Doumbouya and his military Junta already issued a charter that, according to them, will guide the West African country’s governance throughout the transition phase until an election to choose a democratic leader is place.

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The charter included a provision for a civilian prime minister, which Doumbouya selected Mohamed Beavogui to fill.

Aside from that portfolio, the charter prohibits junta members from standing in national or municipal elections. A National Transitional Council of 81 members was also formed to function as the country’s temporary parliament.

The council’s membership will be drawn from various organized groups throughout the country. Political parties, youth groups, security forces, labor unions, and business leaders, among others, will be chosen as representatives.

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The junta’s charter also calls for at least 30% of women to be included in the total of 81 members of the transitional council, which would be tasked with determining the duration of the transition, which is currently undetermined.

According to the charter, the transitional phase “shall be defined by mutual agreement among the life forces of the nation.”


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