Man canes girlfriend for cheating in Nigeria  


A Nigerian reportedly whipped his girlfriend for cheating. After the incidence, the young lady came out crying on Social Media after she was canned mercilessly by her boyfriend.

According to sources, the unpleasant event took place at her boyfriend’s house on Monday   20th June, 2022 after she was invited over by her man. It was revealed the boyfriend “interrogated her in front of his friends”.

The man in question accused his girlfriend, the victim, of engaging in “hookup” and proceeded in canning her on her buttocks with a cane. She pleaded with him to have mercy, claiming to be innocent but hear pleas fell on death ears.

After the incidence, the young lady took to her WhatsApp status to share the gruesome pictures as a result of the canning. Allegedly, the matter was said to have been reported to the police but they let it slide.

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