Man details why one does not need God to progress or Succeed in life.


Our beliefs as it stands now especially in our African continent is based on religion where Christians have a strong feeling they ain’t going to taste success without the intervention of God.

But this kind of believes will make you a complete failure in life according a man who spoke some wisdoms as an advise to the General public.

Backing his claim, he explained that what one needs to become successful is to have an idea of what you will like to be in future and then follow up and work towards that dream and while doing that enquire to learn more from people around the same profession.

“You don’t need God to progress, you don’t need God to be Successful. What you need is you have to have a brain of what you want to be in future and follow your dream, keep asking questions.” Parts of his speech said.

He further argued that God is nonexistent because when you put your faith in God there will be a time you feel you have done your part and now time for God to do the final touching for you to succeed which may never happen and making you a failure at the dnd of the day.

Watch his full advise below.?

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