Man dies after his wife forced him to undergo a surgery in India to stop him from snoring


A man has reportedly died after his wife convinced him to undergo a surgery to stop him from snoring. In a Facebook post which was shared by Ugezu J Ugezu, the woman told her husband snoring is a medical condition.

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In his post, he said the man was warned by his friends to ignore his wife and not go ahead with the surgery and revealed the friends of the woman also advised her to manage and get used to her husband’s snoring because they sleep in separate rooms.

According to Ugezu, the woman refused to listen to anyone because she felt it is about time she startes sharing the same bed with her husband else her husband’s friends might bring him side chicks.

Thus, she stood her ground and convinced her man to travel all the way to India for the surgery. Unfortunately, he did not survive the surgery and will be brought back home as a corpse.

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The post reads, “Nobody can explain how she did it. But she convinced her husband that snoring is a medical condition that surgery can correct. His friends warned him and advised her to manage her man, as she has her room in that big house.”

“She didn’t listen; because she felt his boys can still smuggle babes to him under her nose. She compelled the man to embrace the surgery and they went to India for it. He is being returned a corpse. He didn’t survive the surgery”

Man dies after his wife forced him to undergo a surgery in India to stop him from snoring

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