Man dump his girlfriend just 2 months after she emptied her shop to buy K3k3 for him, she stormed his house with her siblings to take it back


A lady has decided to show up at the house of her boyfriend after he stopped picking up her calls whenever she tried to reach her.

Apparently, the young lady had sacrificed everything for her boyfriend including taking out some capitals from her shop to support him.


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According to her, she had spent money to purchase a tricycle for her man when he had nothing doing.

However, just two months after she splashed money to buy the tricycle, the young man decided to abandon their relationship.

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She showed up with her siblings and documents of the tricycle to the house of her boyfriend and demanded the release of the motor.

It was at this point that the young man began to beg his girlfriend for forgiveness but wasn’t successful.

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Girlfriend bought keke 2.2million for her boyfriend After 2 months he br0ke up with her and dated another girl

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