Man insists he will rather visit four countries in two weeks than use the money to feed over 600 guests at his wedding


A gentleman @KingFoye has already made some controversial plan for his wedding that his wife may not be happy about.

Infact wedding receptions has become the main thing to judge couple’s financial status based on how things were planned and delivered and that also involved how well guests are fed with enough quality food.

This has brought some sorts of pressure on new partners who are ready to tie the knot especially if they don’t have the financial strength, but the main question in the mind of many is ‘is it really necessary to spend so much during a marriage ceremony” considering you have some financial responsibilities coming up.

This is exactly the question that is running through @kingFoye mind and he made it known in a tweet that instead of spending some heavy amount of money to feed guests at his wedding, he will rather travel around with that money.

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