Man loses his job after shooting his shots at new beautiful female boss

A young man has been left unemployed after he tried to throw his shot at the new female boss who had been brought in to take over from the previous one.The young man revealed that he got fired from his workplace because he made advances at the new manager and it was considered inappropriate.

According to the man in narration on Twitter, it wasn’t intentional to aim his cupid arrow at no other person than his female boss but was rather trying to be nice to her by asking for her number.

But the new boos who deem his gesture as disrespectful reported him on the allegations of harassment.

The man, who originally asked social media users if it is a good idea to shoot his shot at the new manager tweeted; ”Got a new manager at work and she kinda cute do I shoot my shot”.

Giving a subsequent update, he revealed that he indeed tried to be nice but has rendered him unemployed.

”It appears that I am now unemployed

Dawg y’all gotta understand I fr asked for her number so we could do sumn sometime and ig she took that as me asking for s** cuz she started trippin and told my store manager that I was “catcalling” when we don’t even let pets in the store she just started saying shit.”

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