Man Makes A Mihlali Diss Track.


Mihlali Ndamase makes the Forbes list after being dissed by a rapper. Her stans are fuming but they are also rejoicing at the huge embarrassment of the man, who is an aspirant rapper.

We guess the perks of being beautiful and making your own money comes with negativity because people automatically assume a man is to thank for the women’s success.

Well at just age 24, Mihlali has proven that she is a hard worker who is destined for great things.

Forbes also believes she deserves the praise as they featured her on the Forbes 30 Under 30 list of “Africa’s young innovators and risk-takers in a pandemic year.”

It all started when a tweep dissed women who travel and show off their bodies instead of working and getting their coins. Mihlali then responded and said “how men with no yachts behave.”

The aspirant rapper, then dissed Mihlali saying she does not even have yachts but is busy dissing men who do not either.

Mihlali replied back saying, “While you could be focused on getting your bag up so you can live, what you won’t admit to be your dream life of having girls like me on your yacht shaking our buns, here you basking in small boy energy. Keep your nose outta women’s business sweetheart.”

This ticked the rapper off and started saying some pretty mean and harsh things about Mihlali.

He accused her of dating blessers who support her lavish lifestyle (nothing new here) and then used profanity to describe her.

Mihlali thinks she is better while she is not inspiring. We know powerful women behind closed doors doing better not these social media crazed ho*s who think they are the best people to ever roam earth. Only this generation will know Mihlali that’s it she is no legend.” He dissed her.

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