Man marries 9 women at once to ‘celebrate free love’ and ‘protest against monogamy’


Arthur O Urso, a Brazilian model, decided to marry nine women in a collective wedding to celebrate “free love” and “argue against monogamy.”

The ceremony was held in a Catholic church in the city of So Paulo.

Arthur was previously solely married to wife Luana Kazaki, with the couple already planning a honeymoon.

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They did, however, decide to formalize the marriage with nine additional women in order to celebrate free love and challenge monogamy.

Arthur and his first wife, Luana, are swingers who enjoy stripping naked.

The couple rose to prominence after posting naked images from their honeymoon in Cap D’Agde, a liberal French resort.

The wearing of clothes is prohibited in the controversial French city, and both enjoyed the vacation entirely naked in numerous tourist places throughout the city.

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