Man rejects $20 million compensation after baby mama reveals he’s not the father their daughter


Most African homes gives much credence to mothers than they give to fathers though there are amazing fathers who are sacrificing their all for their children. Reason why mothers day gets more recognition than fathers day!

In many African societies, fathers are disregarded in the upbringing of their children even though a lots of fathers play significant roles in the their  children’s life.

Most Fathers play very important role in their children’s life despite the fact that they are not given much recognition as mothers, whiles in actual fact the absence of a father figure in a child’s life can somehow affect the upbringing of the child if they are not fortunate to get a level headed mother figure.

 Unlike mothers, a father is mandated to provide for his child/ren even if they are incapacitated or lose their jobs.

The pain and mental torture fathers are subjected to if they are not working or can not provide for their children can sometimes lead to pure mental and physical exhaustion of most fathers.

Imagine a father losing his job due to covid 19 and also have to cater for an 8month old girl child who was abandoned by her mother due to financial challenges the father was facing.

Despite the fear, anxiety, emotional torture and sadness he went through just to see his daughter happy, he never abandoned his daughter.

Even though he was unemployed at that time, he was still providing for his kid and performing his fatherly duties for solid 3 years, only to receive a devastating email from his babe mama who he had not heard from for almost a year!

This is the dilemma of Mr Bobbie J who lives in Pretoria, south Africa with his 3years old daughter Aliya, whom he has been raising since she was almost 8month old. 

Bobbie’s daily routine starts at 4 am everyday, he prepares his daughters breakfast, bath and dress his daughter to school and trek about 15 miles to his  new work place after sending his daughter to school.

Life was not all rousing for him yet he finds a way to put smiles on his daughters face, Their beautiful father and daughter bond was inseparable and can not be compared to anything .

However on Friday, 17th September, Bobbie had gone to work and was checking his emails for new business offers when an unknown email suspected to be from his daughter Aliya’s mom popped up on his screen.

Bobbie was dumbfounded and couldn’t believe his eyes after reading the mail, the daughter he had loved and cared for since she was 8month was not actually his daughter according to his babe mama.

The daughter he had sacrificed all his time and happiness for?

Narrating the incident to the, Bobbie said, he felt numb after reading the mail from his babe mama, it felt like a dream to him, He couldn’t concentrate at work all day thinking about the news he had received from the mother of his daughter, but somehow he managed to convince himself it could be just a prank from his baby momma.

The more he tries to think it was a prank, the more he feels traumatized and tormented , he couldnt disclose this to anyone, not even his boss who sometimes supports and advice him, he had no money for DNA too so he managed to convince his boss for an advance salary which he used for a DNA test.

He was called to come for the results and to his utmost surprise the results was indeed true, his daughter he had been taking care for 3 years was actually not his daughter! How could this be!

He was so confused after receiving the news and felt like the world should just open and swallow him only to wake up and find himself on a hospital bed at Life Groenkloof hospital in Pretoria, how he got there was still a mystery to him!

As if that wasn’t enough trouble for the day, he received a call from a man who claims to be his daughter Aliya’s father and wants to compensate him with $20 million dollars!

When asked what is his next move was, he said Aliya is still his daughter and  will never trade his daughter even if he offers him all the money he needs in his life.

“My daughter is not a commodity I will trade on the market. no one can take her away from me, in the law she is my daughter, whatever society says is of zero importance to me. In the eyes of science I’m not her father but in the eyes of Aliya I’m her teddy Daddy and that’s what matters to me most, he said to our reporter.

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