Man Reveals how a lady he helped by buying Sewing Machine For Sold The Machine to Buy an IPhone


An anonymous man has revealed some interesting story of how a young lady he helped by buying sewing machine for rather sold the machine to buy a phone.

In his narrative, the young lady had completed learning how to sew successfully. He then thought of helping her begin life by buying her a machine that will make her effective and advised her to stay off young boys and focus on her trade.

Days after that, the mother of the girl called him to complain that he daughter sold the new machine the benevolent bought for her to go buy a new phone.

“Bought this teenage girl sewing machine after her madam set her free last week…..Gave her advice to leave small small boys and focus on her career…

Guess what?

Her mama called me this evening to tell me that her daughter sold the machine and bought big phone.”

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