Man who sat on air for hours didn’t actually Sit On Air, this is the trick he used


This man who claims to be a magician was fascinating to observers, and made them think that he had been sitting easily on air for several hours. Is it really possible to do so?

Anyways, I saw a video today of how this magicians was bamboozling interested spectators and making them believe that he was sitting comfortably on air for hours. Is that even possible?

Magic is an intellectual performing art in which the artist convinces an audience that it has witnessed seemingly impossible feats, using natural means. 

There is nothing paranormal or supernatural about magic tricks magicians achieve illusions through practiced deception. It is a form of acting in which the artist presents one reality to the audience member, hiding another reality—actions that only they are aware of.

When the unbelievable incident takes place right before your eyes, you will know how shocked the audience is.

Young men wanted to see if the man was in the air or on invisible stuff.

This guy appeared to be sitting in the middle of the night. Most people were so struck by its supernatural appearance, and began putting cash in the basket.

What this smart wizard did was buy a chair he could conceal in his baggy clothes from the ignorant spectators.

The clothes are attached to the floor and attached to a firm surface.

When you sit and turn, this system supports the user’s body.

This is a man who constructs and demonstrates how it functions the same mobile seat. He never moved the right leg, clearly on the leg of the chair.

You’ll also notice he put a robbery on the ground to support him on the right hand leg with the metal frame.

This is how this wise magician saw the world performing miracles in a secret place and deluded it.

You see that the audience was astonished as they saw the unbelievable event happening when you look closely before their eyes. Two guys had to go to check if the man was really sitting on or in the air.

But what? What? It seemed like this guy was in the thin air. Many were so intrigued by his rare magical show that they started throwing money into his basket.

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