Man who won a bet for drinking a bottle of spirit died shortly.


Nigerian man risks his life by drinking a whole bottle of spirit for bet, he died after short time.

A lot of motivational speakers normally state in their quotes advising listeners to take risk in life.

However, it’s not every risk that one is supposed to even think of, since the condition you may find yourself in, maybe way different from taking of risk as said by motivational speakers.

A man believed to be a Nigerian, seems to have developed the mindset of taking any risk that may come his way, as he ended up in his early grave.

A video that has gotten our attention captured this man drinking a liquid substance said to be a spirit without taking a break.

When done drinking, he was seen being handed over with something as his reward for winning the bet.

The next scene of the video showed this same man shirtlessly sobbing in pain with his hand on his chest.

Unfortunately for him, he could not make it as he was laid to rest in his grave with people gathered around the grave.

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