“Management Has Not Come Out With Any Price Yet, The 30 cedis is False”-Management of Dzata Cement


Management of Dzata Cement has officially released a communique that the general public should disregard some claims on social media that their Cement is going at a price of 30 cedis.

In the last 72 hours when news broke that Dzata Cement was about to start sales of their products, a price tag of 30 cedis was attached to it which took over social media.

While Cement currently sells between 47-50 cedis, it was somehow surprising that Dzata Cement which is owned by Ibrahim Mahama will be selling theirs at 30 cedis.

This official release by the company clears the air on that

Even though some bags of Dzata Cement has been seen on social media, it’s believed those are just for trials as the main sales and distribution will commence around June this year.

The fully owned Ghanaian company has the capacity of producing about 3 million metric tones of cement yearly which seeks to break some monopoly in the cement industry.

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