Manasseh Azure Brands GJA as ‘Ghana Jokers Association’ after Affail Monney said Caleb Kudah broke the association’s code of ethics


Undercover journalist, Manasseh Azure Awuni is not happy with statement made by the President of Ghana Journalists Association, Affail Monney concerning the recent happenings between Kaleb Kudah and the National Security.

Affail Monney speaking Caleb’s arrest via accra baded radio station Joy FM said the journalist broke the Ghana Journalists Association’s codes of ethics by filming at a National security installation.

“Caleb erred as far as our ethics is concerned. He clearly breached the ethics relative to Article 13 of our own code of ethics which specifies journalists should take pictures through fair, straight forward and honest means unless tampered by national interest.”

Mr. Affail also in a way tried to justify the aggressive nature the Citi TV journalist and was handled by the security personnels by attributing it to the violation of the code of ethics

“Caleb shouldn’t have filmed without permission and Caleb should have realized that place is a security zone and in every security zone, the security laws apply. It is a no go area as far as photography is concerned and his violation of regulation might have triggered the over reaction from the security operatives,” he added

This comments made by the President isn’t up to the satisfaction of Manesseh who has always been speaking against how journalists are no longer enjoying any form of press freedom in the country.

He went on to harshly brand the association who once awarded him Journalist of the year as a joke in a clear defense to his colleague media personality before concluding his message by a hashtag dedicated to their freedom.

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