Manchester City Player Commits Suicide After Being ‘Axed’ From The Team


Young Manchester city player who played for the under 16 was excluded from the team

He was originally from Malawi and joined his parent in England

The pain of being denuded by the team compel him to take his own life

Imagine your son or daughter, brother, sister, cousin, friend or anybody close to you walking home one night to commit suicide!

Imagine them having no one to talk to! On their journey home they see a little note, it’s a message and makes them think differently and it prevents the negative thoughts! They don’t go down that dreadful path and live another day! That’s what should be done to stop suicide victims.

As reported, Jeremy Winsten a 17 years old boy and a former youth team member of the Manchester city Academy has sadly committed suicide after he was terminated from the team.

The centre back joined City’s club and played at the under 13 level. Originally from Malawi, he left to join his parents at a tender age in England.

Released from the Academy, the accompanying pain of not getting the opportunity to play for the club forced the vibrant youth to take his own life.

Tributes have been pouring in for this young chap especially from the club who offered their condolences to the family and senior players at the the top level. May his gentle soul rest in peace.

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