Marriage is a Ministry of Offence; you have to have a BSc in tolerance to be there -Woman

An ardent listener of Joy FM has disclosed why she will never give up her marriage even if her husband cheats on her.

According to Adwoa, she will never give up a bond she toiled to establish to a ‘side-chick’.

She likened the institution of marriage to a Ministry of Offence which requires tolerance and understanding to be there.

“Marriage is a Ministry of Offence so you must be a permanent secretary in Forgiveness Department, with a PhD in Understanding, an MSc in loving, with a BSc in tolerance,” she said.

“Even the Bible says that the kingdom of heaven suffers violence and the violent taketh it by force. So why on earth will I leave my husband because of a side-chick?” Adwoa added.

The comment was part of conversations on the Super Morning Show on Friday, October 22, 2021. It is an open secret that ‘side-chicks’ remain a threat to many marriages. According to research, the majority of marriages that collapse do so because of cheating partners. But is that enough grounds for one to quit her marriage?

Most women who phoned in during the Super Morning Show, stated categorically that they will never give up their marriages on grounds that their husbands have ‘side-chicks’.

While urging women to be firm and ensure that the other woman does not take charge of their marriages, Adwoa advised women to forgive and love since these are major ingredients that spice up marriages.

She, thus, urged the married women to remain resolute and wear the armour of patience, tolerance and understanding in order to save their marriages.

Other listeners shared how they will deal with the matter.

According to another listener, Deborah, she will resort to cheating as well, if she finds out that her husband has another relationship outside their marriage.

“We’ll cheat together. If he cheats, I cheat too,” she said.

Another caller, Naa, who disclosed that she has built a rapport with a woman though she knows her husband is cheating with her, advised women not to be totally upset and want to quit their marriages.

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