Massive trolls as Twene Jonas fail to differentiate Batman from Spiderman on the Street of New York


– Twene Jonas has thrown Netizens into laughter mode again but this time not with his usual rants.

– The Social media sensation met a man dressed in the form of Batman only to scream Spiderman

– The video has since hit only and Netizens decided to troll him Heavily

We all may be thinking Twene Jonas knows it all judging by the aggressive nature in which he has been lambasting people who went wrong. Well that’s just by the way.

A video of Twene Jonas is spreading at a fast pace that you can’t help but laugh at how serious he was mistaking a Batman for Spider Man.

Taking his camera out on the Streets of America to do his usual thing, Jonas Bumb into a man well dress to replicate Batman, however the Controversial young thought he has seen a Spiderman instead and kept on mentioning it.

His Pronunciation alone will crack you up and Twitter users just couldn’t hold themselves but to troll him.

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