Medikal is now a Dad,He should Stop The SHS Concert-Kevin Taylor


-Kevin Taylor react to Medikal’s style of dressing saying he’s copying blindly

Medikal lately dresses with mask covering his face

-Kevin Taylor believes it’s Childish and not cool for Medikal to appear that way.

Kevin Taylor has said Medikal should have a second look at his way of dressing for he is copying blindly.

For sometime now, Medikal dresses with his face covered with mask among other weird looks.

Reacting to a story about Medikal on his show With All due Respect, the outspoken journalist said Medikal should stop the Shs lifestyle and focus on building his brand for he is even a father now.

Kevin Advised Fella Makafui to have words with her husband for Medikal has potential that can push him to the global Sarah’s as such he should stop the “Concert” and stay focus

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