Meet the 3 youngest African pastors who are below the ages of 15


The work of God is being done by some young Ministers of God who are under the age of fifteen and are carrying out the will of God. These Preachers are only in their early twenties, but they have already won several souls for Christ. Look at three African Ministers of God who are under the age of fifteen who will inspire you.

1. Chigozie Stephen

At the age of 8, the young boy who is a Preacher at Christ Mercy Land Ministry in Delta State first came to the public’ s attention when he was in the spotlight. The young man, along with his older brother Chigozie, is referred to as ” Angels on Duty” by the media. Chigozie, who is 11 years old at the time of this writing, is a young man, but he is carrying out God’ s work.

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2. Reverend Victor Githu

The Reverend Victor is currently the youngest Preacher in Kenya at the age of twenty- one. The young Preacher has traveled to various churches throughout Kenya, delivering the word of God to the people.

A number of people have expressed concern that the young Preacher, who is 11 years old, is too young to be a preacher, and he has responded by urging the critics to concentrate on the word of God and forget about his age.

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3. Junior Jeremiah

Having delivered powerful sermons and performed miracles at the age of 12 at the Christ Mercy Land Ministry in Delta State, the 15- year- old young man and his younger brother Chigozie have gone on to achieve great success in the Kingdom. According to reports, he is the adopted son of Pastor Jeremiah, and despite his advanced age, he has been instrumental in leading several souls to Christ.

The heart of God will definitely be filled with so much joy upon seeing these little children carrying out the duties of evangelism at their tender ages. This is really outstanding and inspiring.

You then have to ask yourself; as a God’ s child, what am I doing to please my Maker? You should always know that in God’ s sight, nothing is ever too late. You can take the opportunity now to right your wrongs. None is perfect, but we should always try to be perfect. God bless you as you make a choice to choose the right decisions today. Shalom!

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