Meet the lady who spent millions of dollars just to break the Guinness book of record for the biggest breast in the world


Strange! How people are transforming themselves into what they are not is truly a matter of serious concern. Outside six packs, sweet tongue, big upper body, bed strength, attention sustaining back, early morning text messages you copied from others, late night lullabies, ability to cook jollof and fry eggs. Do you like this sort of enhancement?

The galaxy is filled with some unbelievable stories and everyone has their own understanding of a perfect body, especially during this moment and age, when science and technology made things easy, because the body can look somehow to the eyes or be incredibly usual in many diverse ways.

Mayra Hills is a model in Germany who works under the brand Beshine.  And she’s the excited holder of the world’s biggest FAKE CHEST.

Beautiful 38-year-old Mayra Hills, who has had the world’s biggest upper side for his business has astonished people with her real image which she was improved with several surgeries.

Mayra Hills is famous due to her online business whereby she exposes her body because she has the largest fake chest on the earth nowadays, and Beshina’s true name is rarer.

It is said she instructed doctors to insert 10,000 cc of saline implants in her big burst, and she weights 20 pounds each of her bursts and has 40 pounds of burst every day, which is a bit like holding on your chest while holding a seven year old kid.

Why would anyone do this to themselves? Does anyone find this even a little bit attractive? Stupid.

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