Meet The Man who Has Raised His Arm For Over 45 Years


This is one of the most strangest things on earth. This man has his arm raised up for 45 years

The question I’m asking is how can someone raise their hand for over 45 years? But I think most people are probably famous for their uniqueness or the way they do things that are different from other people. I don’t know if it’s true, let it unfold.

This is a man named Sadhu Amar Bharati, he raised his hand for 45 years and never returned it. In 1973, as an ordinary man, sadhu using both hands, people say he had a fairly ordinary life, a wife and three children, all together in India.

One day he decided to devote himself to religion; Sadhu had visited the holiest places in India and after a few years of wandering made an appointment and raised his right hand forever and did not leave it, for his hands were completely dry after decades like bones covered in skin.

He was also holding something strangely twisted. But this strange and crooked thing is her fingernail.

Twisting together after decades of cultivation. He’s been like that for decades and has lived in Harmony ever since. Sadhu Amar Bharati is a great music writer, analyst and organizer

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