Meet the second most tallest person in the world


The world discovered the most tallest man on earth,on 8 February 2011 through Guinness world records.This man was born on, December 1982(39yrs) and he is from Turkey(Ankara) and goes by the name Sultan Kösen,he is measured (251cm) with the height of (8ft’2.82in).

The most exciting part of this article is that he is about to be overtaken by a 14years old Nigerian boy.

Meet Abiodun Adegoke,he is a tall Nigerian basketball player who is currently notable fo being the tallest NBA player alongside the Chinese player named Sun Mingming. For a while Abiodun Adegoke attended the Seyun Odegbami Inter College and Sports Academy in Wisinmi(Nigeria),currently he plays at MPAC Elite Youth Basketball in Dubai(UAE).

This 14years old boy is measured (2.36metres) with the height of (7ft’9inch).His basketball name is BIGNAIJA because he says he is proud to be an African.But the fact is this boy will overtake the current world record holder by the time he turns 19years. Although there are controversies over his age but he confirmed his age being 14years but tends not to reveal his date of birth.

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