Meet the tallest tribe in Africa: including the most tallest players in the NBA


This is about the tallest Tribes in Africa you may not come into contact with ever depending on your geographical location.

Height is something a lot of people admire so much and wish to have if not naturally given to them by nature. Human height as mistaken by a lot of people when measuring it is the distance from the bottom of the feet to the top of the head in a human body standing erect. Human heights are usually measured in centimeters using stadiometer. It is sometimes measured in inches and feet using the imperial system. As estimated by experts, the global average height of a woman is around 159.5 cm and that of men is around 171 cm.

The Dinka tribe together with the Tutsi tribe of Rwanda in Africa is one of the tallest tribe on planet earth. The Dinka and Tutsi people are regarded as the tallest tribes in Africa with their average height around 5 ft 9.4 inches for men in a survey conducted sometimes ago. Dinka tribe are the largest tribe inhabiting the East and West Banks of River Nile. They make up 18% in South Kordofan of Sudan.  

Have you wondered why these people are different from other Africans in terms of their unique heights? Well this is the perfect explanation to their height by scientific experts. According to some experts, these people likely evolved to best survive in a hot climate. Longer limbs could allow them to sweat more and not overheat as studied by some school of thoughts.

Their Diets

 One secret about the Dinka tribe is that, they do not eat in the day time. They eat in the evening as their meals are taken sitting around a fire. Their meals are mostly consist of milk, vegetables, fish but rarely the meat that they majorly rear. Do you think this could be the sole secret behind their incredible heights?

How they Live

The Dinka people mainly live on traditional agriculture and pastoralism, relying on cattle husbandry as a cultural pride, not for commercial profit or meat, but cultural demonstrations, rituals, marriage dowries and milk feedings for all ages.

Below are more photos of these tribes.

I think if you are a lover of heights and wish to have children with such heights, you must try your possible best to visit this tribes and even get married to one of them, sure your dream will come 

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