Men don’t shame women for their poor performance s on bed as they do to men – Vlogger


Nigerian vlogger Shadaya Knight come for women for their poor performances on bed and yet men Don’t shame them as they do to men.

In his words; “Every woman thinks her pu*sy is gold. Women shame men for their s3xual performance – from size to duration. But because men are thirsty for p&ssy, they’ll never tell women that they’re equally guilty. In all honest very few women are good s3xually…

But women will never believe this because either way a man will still cam whether it was good or bad. Unlike for a woman she’ll only cam if it was that good for her. So these women continue to believe they’re all that even though they ain’t…

If you were to secretly ask dudes in relationships/marriages if they were being satisfied s3xually by their partners, 90% would tell you they have to fantasize about some p0rn star or some h0e they once f*cked, just so they can cam…

Some of these women are smlly, that fat a*s & p&s-sy needs cleaning. Some of these women are lazy, can’t do more than 3 seconds on top. Some just be screaming like they’re in a horror flick. But we’re men, we never really mock them about it.

And when a man cheats or ends up leaving, he is the bad guy. The chick won’t even reflect on how her wack s3x game contributed to this. It’s always “all he wanted was s3x”…”men are trash”…Even though she was deadwood in bed, just laying there like paint that’s drying .”

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