Mercy Johnson Visits Daughter’s School, Debunks Claim of Using Thugs to Beat up Staff


Talented Nigerian actress, Mercy Johnson debunks the claim of taking thugs to her daughter’s school to fight the teachers.

This is coming after the actress cried over a bullying act from one of the teachers towards her daughter, Purity, who pleaded to be relocated from the school.

Reacting to the claim, the actress and her husband, Prince Okojie was accused of bringing thugs to the school premises to fight the staff.

Mercy Johnson, however, in a live video questioned the staff of the school including the headteacher if she ever brought thugs or fought at the school as claimed.

Meanwhile After attending the prize presentation ceremonies organized by Munch It and Hypo on Thursday 21st October, the housemates all marched to Liquorose’s rented apartment.

Some of them were seen in one of the videos making rounds on the internet, vibing happily together to their colleague, Niyi’s latest song.

It is really nice to see that this year’s reality show produced ex housemates who are nontoxic towards one another unlike Ex-housemates from previous seasons.

Right from the beginning of shine ya eye show, the housemates all seemed to have bonded so well even to the point of looking out for each other.

It’s been several weeks after the show and no ‘major’ controversies have been ignited by them as they seem to be getting along so well.

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