Millionaire Medical Doctor Divorce his wife after discovering she was a Hookup Girl in the Past


A former Beauty Queen is being divorced by her millionaire husband due to some life she led in the past as a sex worker.

A Manhattan spinal surgeon has settled his divorce with his former-beauty queen wife after claiming in court papers that he discovered she had been engaged in sex work.

Dr. Han Jo Kim sought an annulment of his marriage to former Miss USA hopeful Regina Turner, claiming she worked as a high-end call girl before and after their 2015 marriage,’ New York Daily News reported, citing court documents.

Special Surgery Dr Kim settled his divorce from Turner before a public court hearing which was scheduled for 10am Monday, a court spokesman told the Daily News.

Millionaire surgeon Dr. Kim claimed he first became aware of his wife’s double life in December 2020 when he came across an explicit iMessage intended for Turner, which detailed a sexual encounter between her and another man, the court papers reportedly state.

In the court documents, Dr. Kim reportedly alleged that his wife pretended to be out with friends while actually engaging in sex work and also claimed she had to make frequent weeks-long works trips to China relating to a clothing app she was developing,’ New York Daily News reported.


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