Miss Tourism forced to hand over crown just 2 days after emerging winner after her “bad girl” photos hits online

Zimbabwe’s Miss Tourism for 2021 has been forced to hand over her crown to save the reputation of the pageant following her nude that circulated on social media.

Chipo Mandiudza lost the crown just two days after winning after it emerged that her nude photos has been shared by an unknown person on social media.

Chipo Mandiudza is a second-year student of Lupane State University went through all the stages of the pageant to emerge the winner but her victory was cut short following the raunchy images that went viral some days ago.

Her critics have gone to social media to dig up what her manager, Godwill “G-Factor” Tasunga said were merely screen grabs from a raunchy display on Instagram Live.

“We would like to nullify the false nude picture allegations because there are no nude pictures of Miss Chipo Mandiudza. Miss Chipo Mandiudza was cornered and manipulated into writing a resignation letter, a protective stunt to the license,” Tasunga is quoted as saying.

He went further to criticize Miss Tourism Zimbabwe for failing to protect and support Chipo Mandiudza.

“They have given nothing for all her efforts. No prize money, no emotional support beyond fake assurances of support yet no public support. If anything, they have joined the bandwagon of misogynists, sexual predators, tribalists and judgmental armchair critics who all have no clue how rough and tough the world of beauty pageants really is…”

Meanwhile, MTZ chairperson Sibusisiwe Dube is reported as saying that she would meet with Chipo Mandiudza to understand the issues that compelled her to resign.

“She was saying it wasn’t her call and I didn’t understand that when she had willingly handed me the letter. I’m in Harare and so I told her to come here but unfortunately her mum has not been feeling well and she hasn’t gotten the chance to do so. She said she might be able to come on a Monday because we need to have a one-on-one discussion with her.”

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